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We develop personality, awareness and culture

»The beauty of practice is that it transforms us so that we outgrow our original intentions—and keep going! Our motivations for practicing evolve as we mature.«

– Ken Wilber

Dear guest!

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Integral – what this is all about

If you are looking for a small and fine company for the development of individuals and organizations using Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, you have come to the right place.

Our mission is to open new ways for people and organizations to become more aware and develop healthily.

The Integral Approach ensures that you and your organization use the full range of your resources for any situation.

And because this approach is psychoactive, you continually learn to use it better to orient yourself more easily and thoroughly in any situation, to better assess situations, and probably to manage them more successfully. This will greatly enhance your personal development towards a deeper understanding of the world.

The Integral Approach supports you and your organization in understanding yourself and the world around you more comprehensively and efficiently. You live and experience more consciously, your actions become more effective, you can contribute more meaningfully to communities and participate more actively.

What we offer to You

We offer you and your organization the following in German and English language

  • Integral seminars, workshops and trainings, e.g.
    • Systemic-integral coaching training
    • Seminars and workshops on integral topics, e.g. on Integral Life Practice, Spiral Dynamics and STAGES
    • Workshops and Supervision on Integral Organizational and Structural Constellation work (IOSA)
  • Integral coaching for individuals and teams
    • Personality and personality development
    • Leadership and self leadership
    • Agile teams and project work
    • Crises and turnarounds
  • Integral consulting for companies, NGOs and communities
    • Organizational consulting
    • Integral business analysis
    • Client orientation
    • Sense-giving cooperation
  • Integral Organizational and Structural Constellation work (IOSA)
    • Business constellations
    • Family constellations
    • Open constellations days

What You can do here

In addition to the offers mentioned above, you will find many suggestions and thoughts about the Integral Approach and Integral Life Practice on our website and in our blog – currently only in German. However, you can easily and relatively well have them translated automatically with the help of (via copy and paste).

Your contribution to the World is vital!

The global challenges that we all face can only be mastered together as humanity. With the Integral Approach we can all make helpful, constructive and salutary contributions together.

That is why we are happy to network with people – beyond the German-speaking area as well – who are just as interested in networking and promoting Integral Thinking and Action as we are.

Please feel free to contact us – we look forward reading or hearing from you!